Farrah Lelond

Farrah is a wife and mother of two, an avid CrossFit athlete and a high intensity interval junkie.

The roots of her interest in nutrition run deep. She is the author of a published cookbook, Wholesome Beginnings, a recipe guide for new parents focused on feeding their children meals prepared from scratch with healthy, whole ingredients.

As an adolescent, Farrah struggled with weight gain, alongside a hormonal imbalance. Through a balanced diet and active lifestyle, she was able to overcome those hurdles, resulting in a profound love for health, wellness and nutrition.

She has a wealth of knowledge in delicious, macro friendly cooking and meal preparation. Currently enrolled in the Sports Nutrition course at Precision, Farrah is looking forward to bringing her clients the latest and most efficient approach to reaching their personal goals

Qualifications & Certifications

Precision Nutrition Level 1 (currently enrolled)

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